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Thinking Reading works with schools in a four-step process:

1. Strategy
2. Assessment
3. Intervention
4. Partnership


We consult with you to review your current student achievement data, systems for collecting literacy data, literacy strategies and interventions and their impact. We provide a detailed written report with specific recommendations for action.


We work with your school's literacy leader to set up a tiered screening system, collect data and review the results. We train up to six staff members in a two-day workshop on close assessment of reading skills and provide continued advice and guidance as staff implement the assessments.


Working with your literacy leader and the same team of staff members trained in close assessment, we provide extensive training and practice so that staff are able to deliver the sophisticated Thinking Reading programme. We supply an extensive set of resources for assessment, teaching and practice. After an initial period of teaching we then observe, coach and feed back to staff, providing certification when the programme is being delivered with fidelity. At this stage we also provide advanced training to help staff solve specific types of learning problems.


After successful certification, your school works in partnership with us to monitor student progress, verify the quality of teaching, embed effective systems and develop the leadership skills necessary for sustained improvements in literacy.

If you would like to know more about working with Thinking Reading, please contact us.