Our Offer

There are no magic bullets! Success requires high levels of teacher expertise. Thinking Reading training is practical, informed and challenging. Contact us


You can begin working with us to resolve your students’ reading difficulties straight away with our consultation service.

Half- or One-Day Consultation

We will meet with you face-to-face or by video link, and work with you to:
• Review your systems for collecting and analysing literacy data
• Review the effectiveness of your support systems
• Review the impact of your teaching and interventions on reading
• Develop an accurate profile of your school’s literacy needs.


You can begin to develop comprehensive systems to ensure all students with reading problems are identified through our Assessment training.

Two Day Training: Assessment Principles and Practices

In this two-day workshop, we will work with up to six staff to:
• Establish effective screening systems, so that you can identify whether reading
   problems are due to decoding, comprehension or motivation issues
• Interpret and analyse test data
• Use diagnostic tests to make teaching decisions
• Carry out close assessment of individual students’ reading skills.


If the data that you analyse following your two-day training indicates that you have students who are reading several years behind their age, you can set up the Thinking Reading intervention to bring about rapid, complete and lasting catch-up.

Five-Day Training: Effective Intervention

In this five-day programme on implementing Thinking Reading, we will:
• Train you over three days to deliver the Thinking Reading lesson plan
• Provide a day of observation, coaching and feedback
• Enhance your training with a day of advanced problem-solving.

Long-term support

After the seven days of training above, we will work with your school to:
• Monitor student progress and to highlight potential problems
• Identify and resolve individual students’ learning problems
• Develop the leadership skills in reading and literacy
• Train up to two new staff in the event of staff movement (at regional training).

Schools have a moral obligation to ensure that every student can read well.

Our mission is to equip schools to meet that obligation.

Start working with us today!