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Upcoming Events

Senior Leaders' Literacy Workshop

18 December 2017, London, 10 am - 3 pm Register

The effects of low literacy are pervasive and complex, contributing to disengagement, behaviour problems, mental health issues, and low achievement. This one-day workshop will equip you to plan a comprehensive strategy that takes account of student needs, manage resources wisely, and target interventions for maximum impact. The day includes lunch, tools to help you audit your needs and provision, and opportunities for collaboration with other senior leaders. 


Literacy Co-ordinators' Workshop

Autumn Term 2017 (dates tbc) Register your interest

The purpose of this workshop is to equip school leaders of literacy to measure, evaluate and enhance provision. Topics covered will include:

  • The causes of low literacy
  • Assessing the literacy profile of a cohort
  • Co-ordinating different levels of support to make best use of limited resources
  • Evaluating the track record of interventions
  • Evaluating impact in the school

The day includes lunch, opportunities to analyse your own data, and to collaborate with colleagues. 


Helping Struggling Readers in the English Classroom

Autumn Term 2017 (dates tbc) Register your interest

Reading is usually conceived of as a skill, but a great deal of what holds students back is a lack of knowledge – not only of the subjects they must read about, but also of the alphabetic code and text conventions used to convey this knowledge. This in turn raises the question of what knowledge teachers need to have at their fingertips in order to address the knowledge gaps of their pupils.

This workshop will:

  • Identify the characteristics of stronger and weaker readers.
  • Analyse the components of reading and of the English sound-spelling system.
  • Examine close assessment of individual reading skills.
  • Provide strategies for helping students with decoding problems in the classroom.
  • Describe a strategic approach to selecting and applying reading interventions.
  • Consider steps towards building a reading culture.
The day includes lunch, discussion time with colleagues and links to useful research. 

Literacy Leads' Development Day

Autumn Term 2017 (Date TBC) - London

This one-day programme supports literacy leaders responsible for implementing Thinking Reading in schools. It will address:

  • Dyslexia definitions and research
  • Communicating our beliefs through the language we use with students
  • Setting high expectations with staff and students
  • Ensuring sustained progress
  • Tracking student progress
  • Monitoring meetings with LSAs
  • Problem analysis
  • Typical errors and how to address them
  • Record keeping
  • Evaluating impact
To register for this course you must be leading the delivery of Thinking Reading in your school. 

A Tiered Approach to Literacy Improvement

Autumn Term 2017 (Date and venue tbc)

This one hour session will cover a three-tiered approach to intervention, and will introduce Thinking Reading as a Tier 3 one-to-one intervention. Please contact us here to register your interest.