There are no magic bullets! Success requires high levels of teacher expertise. Thinking Reading training is practical, informed and challenging.

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We partner with secondary schools to embed the Thinking Reading programme. Once we establish that Thinking Reading is appropriate for your school setting, we provide training, resources and ongoing support.

Training is delivered in your school for up to six staff, including the teacher who will lead the intervention and the staff who will deliver the programme. This takes six days, spread out over several weeks, so that skills are developed in a practical context and embedded in the school's systems. 

  • Two days on assessment and methodology.
  • Two days on delivering the different elements of the teaching programme. 
  • One day of observations and feedback to ensure fidelity of delivery. 
  • One day on problem-solving and troubleshooting. 

We continue to work with the school to develop leadership, support the quality of delivery, and increase the impact of the programme. 

The Literacy Lead takes part in further training on leading a Literacy Centre, tracking and analysing data, and maximising student progress.   

To inquire about training, get in touch through our contact page.



“Very clear. Well explained. I feel I can go away and confidently use what I have learnt today.”

Tanya Brown