Mekki's Story

Mekki had tried for years to get to grips with reading, but had found little help in the approaches he had experienced. Here he relates how his experience of Thinking Reading has changed his opporrtunities. 


You’ve graduated from Thinking Reading now. I want to know what it was like in class when you had trouble reading before. In lessons, how did you feel?

Well, in the beginning my reading was not the best but at the end, with this programme, I succeeded to get really good reading levels. 

I tried reading with my teachers in the primary school and the primary school wasn’t very good at really helping … and at the end I tried really hard at home to read and I found some words really hard but when I went to this programme I found I actually had to like spell words properly. 


What did you think when you were first told you’d be coming to the Literacy Centre and working here?

Well, in the beginning I thought it would be just like the ones in the primary school but then I gave it a chance and I actually tried really hard and at the end I achieved my goal of reading.


How did you find the lessons? Were they easy, challenging, difficult?

They were quite interesting and the books were really cool. I learnt quite a lot about animals, because level had animal books. I learnt quite a lot and my reading improved and I used to challenge myself to get 100% in reading and it was quite fun. Interesting.


How did you feel coming out of lessons?

Well, it was alright because some of the lessons I do well in, like with science Miss didn’t mind, and some other teachers don’t mind because I do it after school.


How do you find reading in class now compared to maybe six weeks ago, do you feel more confident reading out in class?

When the teacher asks someone to read in class, basically, I didn't put my hand up because I knew I would flop it.  Actually, now after the  programme I always put my hand up and I read like bare formal.


Bare formal? Do you mean very formal?

Yeah. Yeah. Really formal.


Have you being applying the skills you’ve learnt here with reading in other lessons?

No, not really.


Why not?

Because like in English we get some words, like some words that we have to learn, and he just says ‘read that’. He doesn't tell us to spell it … but when I go here I learn properly.


Now that you’ve got those skills do you think you can try and use them in other lessons? 



Are you going to do that?

Yeah. Now my career is like … Now what I want to become when I’m older is going to be more achievable.


What do you want to do when you’re older?

Oh, I don’t know. I was thinking of maybe working for the police or working in a garage. I don’t mind working in a garage, it’s alright, it’s cool.


How do you feel about going into your GCSEs?

GCSEs - I found out it’s really hard to get a C, and for English especially. And many boys who are in higher sets are getting Cs now but I didn’t realise that it’s quite hard and if I want to do it I have to work hard and now because of this programme I think I might be able to maybe achieve a C - just a chance – to achieve a C.