Thinking Reading


Here we present a number of case studies following the progress of individual students through the Thinking Reading programme.

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Student A

This student had English as an additional language. When assessed at age eleven and a half, she was reading at 6 – 7 years. She began a programme on 25 June 2008, but the summer vacation intervened before she continued instruction in September. By the end of February 2009, her reading level matched her chronological age. When post-tested, she was found to be reading at “fifteen plus” years, the highest graded reading level. Importantly, data collected over the following eighteen months show that she has maintained these gains.


Student B

Student B was found to be reading six years behind her chronological age when assessed. She gained six and a half years in her reading over the eleven months of her programme. Post-testing with unseen texts in February and November 2009 showed that she continued to read at, or close to, her chronological age without further intervention.


Student C

Student C was assessed and found to be reading at 9 – 10 years when he was fourteen years of age. He began a programme on 14 February 2011 and had attained a reading level above his chronological age by 26 May.


Student D

Despite a number of absences, this student increased her reading level from 11 – 12 years to 15+ years in four months.