Sustained Progress


Interventions should enable students to sustain the gains they have made. Here is the evidence for Thinking Reading's long-term effectiveness.

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Gains should be sustained over time

Successful intervention should mean that the gains made will be sustained independently. 

It also means that the school no longer has to use extra resources to support the student - they can now be used to help other students. 

The graphs below illustrate how gains made during the programme were sustained or improved after the programme had ceased. 

(Note- the assessment used here had an upper level of 15 years)

This has made me better at reading and writing. (AO Year 9)


I’m really happy that I’ve been coming here. It’s helped me a lot. Thanks for all your help.
(EK Year 10)

This reading course has helped me firstly with my confidence and secondly with my reading in general. Thank you for everything. (L A Year 9)



Coming to literacy has made it easier for me to read now. I feel more confident and I’m not embarrassed to read out in class. It’s helped me a lot. (NOS Year 9)


It has been good with the Literacy Centre. My reading has gone up now. Coming here I understand more and now I am confident to read anywhere and anytime. (RJP Year 7)

I am so glad I came here because it has helped me so much. 
(Z G Year 7)