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Conferences and Presentations

Upcoming events

Teachmeet Scarborough

          26 June 2018

          James and Dianne Murphy will present the keynote, "Reading affects everything you do", stressing the ubiquitous
          nature of reading demands in a modern text-rich society and exploring how schools rise to the challenge of
          low reading achievement

Teach First Summer Institute - Leeds

          24 July 2018

          What every secondary teacher needs to know about reading


researchED Sweden - Malmö

          22 September 2018

          How schools systems reproduce failure and what can be done about it.

          researchED Ipswich 

         November 2018 (date tbc)   

         Effective reading interventions at secondary school    


Recent events

Wellington Festival of Education

22 June 2018

James and Dianne Murphy discuss their recently published book - Thinking Reading: what every
secondary teacher needs to know about reading, examining how education systems have failed to grapple
with the problem of poor reading at secondary school, the consequences for society, and what needs to
be done.


Inspiration Trust, Norwich

         21 February 2018

         SEND: using empirical evidence to design and run effective interventions


Inspiration Trust, Norwich

          6 February 2018

          How can ABA improve learning and bhaviour in our classrooms?

Inspiration Trust, Norwich

16 November 2017

What is Direct Instruction? – James Murphy

researchED National Conference – Chobham Academy, Newham, London

9 September 2017

Developing a whole school literacy strategy informed by research – James Murphy

Teach First Summer Institute – Leeds

31 July 2017

Reading, Writing and Language: the gatekeepers of learning – James Murphy

Teach First West Midlands Head Teacher Forum

19 May 2017

Thinking Reading – Dianne and James Murphy

researchED – English and MFL Conference – Oxford University

1 April 2017

Wars and Waste – Dianne and James Murphy
Our first session at researchED English and MFL, Oxford was called Wars and Waste to highlight two key ideas:
1 The lack of agreement and open conflict regarding the best ways to teach reading;
2 The immense waste this has created in time, money, and quality of life.
The session is divided into three sections:
1 The extent of illiteracy;
2 The reasons for this;
3 The two main approaches to teaching reading, and why one is demonstrably superior to the other.

See the slides here.

It’s Not Too Late – Dianne and James Murphy
Our second session was entitled It’s Not Too Late to draw attention to a common misconception in secondary schools: namely that students who are reading seriously behind when they arrive at secondary can never catch up.

See the slides here.

researchED National Conference – Capital City Academy, Willesden, London

September 2016

Using Single Subject Designs for Classroom Research – James Murphy
Direct Instruction: what it is and isn’t – James Murphy

United Learning English Conference – Paddington Academy, Paddington, London

July 2016

Using Research to Improve Progress for Lower Attainers - James Murphy

researchED National Conference – South Hampstead High School, London

September 2015

Research, Myths and Hidden Gold – James Murphy

researchED – English and Literacy Conference – Swindon Academy, Swindon

November 2015

Using research to improve progress for lower attainers – James Murphy See the slides here.

The Road Goes Ever On – Dianne Murphy See the slides here.

AET Academy Trust – English HODs Conference – London

26 March 2015

Introducing Thinking Reading – Dianne Murphy