Key Questions for Schools

All these questions need a 'yes' answer if we are to be confident that our students are receiving effective literacy provision.

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Is the answer 'yes'?

Do you have accurate, up-to-date reading ages for all your students?

Does your reading assessment tell you whether low-scoring students are having difficulties with:
  • decoding - mastery of the alphabetic code
  • comprehension - identifying and connecting ideas in the text
  • fluency - reading with enough proficency to think about ideas as well as decode
  • poor test performance - does ability present lower than it actually is because of low motivation?

Does your reading intervention identify specific skills and teaching targets for each individual student?

Are struggling students enabled to read at their chronological age?

Does your reading intervention demonstrate measurable, sustained progress for each student?


We offer to:

Train and support your team to undertake whole-school screening for reading attainment

Show you how to prioritise students for closer assessment

Train and supervise your team in conducting one-to-one fine-grain assessments

Help you to interpret results to discriminate between decoding, comprehension, fluency or motivation issues

Provide teaching programmes which are engaging, intensive and responsive to the needs of each learner

Train your team to deliver lessons with precision and impact

Establish systems for tracking achievement, reporting, communication and evaluation

Enable you to demonstrate rapid and sustained progress for students who previously had reading difficulties

If you would like to find out more about how Thinking Reading can support your secondary school's literacy provision, contact us.